We buy Gold and Jewellery

We buy Gold and Jewellery

Do You Have Jewellery Assets That You No Longer Use?

People use to keep Jewellery that eventually go unworn. Some of it were unwanted gifts, some of it was preloved Jewellery, some of it was an inheritance, and some of it is old fashioned with no sentimental value.

Instead of holding onto above mentioned items you don’t wear, you can, regardless of the condition, sell it to generate cash or to buy yourself something exquisite and more fashionable.

At Gold and Diamond Traders, Durbanville, we can assign you an offer on your unwanted jewelry at competitive mark-related prices to ensure that you receive the best possible value. Note that this is one of our services and that one is not obligated to sell. Each assessment is objective, it provides transparency and increases trust between both the seller and buyer.

The Process Is Easy And All It Takes Are These Few Simple Steps:

  • Staff of Gold and Diamond Traders (GDT) assess the item (platinum, gold, silver and/or diamonds), after viewing the piece in real life to determine the initial value of it.
  • After assessment, GDT will make you a market value-related offer.
  • The amount to be paid, is according to the weight (in grams) and the carat of gold items and/or diamonds.
  • Once you decide to proceed, after agreeing on the price to be paid, GDT immediately pays you in cash or via EFT.
  • Our shop has a delayed door system to ensure the safety of yourself and the valuables that you would like to sell.
  • We are also licensed in bullion trading; therefore, we can also make you an offer on Kruger Rands, Bars & Coins as well as Dental Gold.

Bring along your ID, Passport, or Driver’s License to conclude the transaction. Bring along your Banking Details, if you prefer an immediate EFT payment.


Is This A Trustworthy Process?


You can afford peace of mind when trading with GDT because:

  • We keep every transaction safe and private.
  • We are licensed to trade in bullion (legal tender).
  • We can provide you with our SAPD License.
  • You can ask for our business registration details.
  • Our environment is secure with our delayed security doors.
  • We are an upmarket family business in the heart of Durbanville (Palm Grove Centre).
feature designs

Jewellery made with love

feature designs

Jewellery made with love

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feature designs

Jewellery made with love

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